Moish Brenman


Specialist in mobile game/application strategy, design, development, and deployment with over nine years’ experience

• Designed and developed products that use innovative features including DLC, LBS, multiplayer tournaments, incrementally updated content, server-controlled in-game events

Award-winning game designer

• Play for Prizes™; GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Award 2008 “Best Consumer Application” & “Top Innovator 2008”

• Multiple titles with ratings of ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’; 72% or better; 8.5/10 or better; 4/5 stars or better

• Bassmaster: Legendary Lunkers nominated for ‘Mobie’ as “Best Mobile Sports Game, 2004” by Wireless Gaming Review

Experience managing and producing titles for major license holders and IP both foreign and domestic

• Sid Meier • 2K • Konami • Namco • Sony Pictures • CBS • Disney • MTV Networks • Fox Sports • ESPN • X Games • Phil Hellmuth • Bassmaster • Rolling Stone • Playboy

Expertise in a wide range of art styles, creative disciplines, visual mediums, and production techniques

• Affinity for logo/ID systems/branding/product development/franchise and IP creation

• Graphic designer, illustrator, pixel artist

Proven ability to inspire and lead teams to deliver within schedule

• Provided direction and oversight to multiple international locations on concurrent projects

• Mentored two diverse studios’ creatives in rapid production practices

• Nominated twice for peer recognition

Responsible for presentation of concepts to potential clients

• Led concept and strategy on pitch efforts, including major client wins totaling millions of dollars of revenue


Agents Provocateurs at Multiple; traveling exhibition


San Francisco, CA